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When There Is Sales You Splurge


As it took me and a lot of other people by great surprise, Kmart is closing!

Naturally, that means there will be so many sales! I took advantage of this great opportunity to go on a hunt for some great sales. Along with my daughter, and my oh so patient boyfriend, we headed off to Kmart. It was mostly empty when we walked in. There was a ton of Easter and holiday stuff that was marked down for nearly .75 cents but I knew where my heart belonged which was in the beauty aisle. I scavenged in buckets full of lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners, and even some false eyelashes that were left over.

There were actually a couple of products I found which I normally don’t buy because of the price (c’mon ladies, who don’t shop smart when on a budget?!) but with the sales, I went for more. The first product I found was the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi, L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder, and Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter. Overall with the amount of money I spent (which wasn’t much, mind you) on these products I was definitely happy with them. L’Oreal isn’t the first brand I choose so trying a new brand went over successfully for me and I would highly recommend it. At times I have a hard time finding a foundation that matches my skin tone but with this foundation and powder, they were a pretty good match! I also loved the fact that they blended so well together. Adding the powder on top gave me that finished matte look without it making my skin look dried up and the makeup caked on. Both the products gave me a smooth finish without line creases.

Since I did go ahead and splurge, seeing as how there were sales going on, I looked online at different places I could purchase these items again for the full retail price. I looked at Walmart, CVS and Target’s website for these products and did a price check. Honestly, I was expecting Target to be the one to sell these for the most but Target surprised me with the lowest prices, except for the highlighter with a five cent difference to Walmart’s price!


  1. L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi: Target sells this for $8.99. I used this product after using my Hard Candy Primer Sheer Envy Primer Perfecting. I must say it felt absolutely amazing on my skin. It went on smooth, and I used my rubber beauty blender. It all smoothed out nicely, and I really just used a small pump size. I hope that with how little I need to use to cover my whole face that this product lasts me for a while. Another benefit to this foundation is that it comes with a pump! No makeup station pour messes, which I am the queen of! It has a broad spectrum SPF of 20. The color I used was C7-8 nut brown/cocoa. I would say it was a great match, so that holds true to the name. I was not disappointed at all! Blended well with my orange L.A. Colors Pro Concealer Cover Up Stick.
  2. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder: Once again Target came out as the winner with the price as $7.49. The color I found for this was cocoa. When I put it on over the foundation it didn’t seem to cake up or look like it was overly applied. I simply used the round sponge applicator they give you with the compact. It really blended nice and gave it a matte finish, which is a look I also like. It didn’t make my skin feel dry, or as if I was wearing a bunch makeup. I enjoyed the look it gave me as a finish.
  3. Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter: Walmart took the surprise win for prices with this one. It was only a five cent difference, but five cents adds up over time! The price at Walmart for this product is $8.49. This was probably the only product I didn’t care for. The one thing that turned me off from it was the smell. I do not like my makeup to have a strange odor to it. Despite the smell, I gave it a try but was not pleased with the results. The color was called Sundown. It had an orange tint to it that I really did not care for. Also, it was a creamy highlighter which I usually use a powder highlighter. I think if I had gotten another color that was lighter than my foundations I would have enjoyed it more. It also seemed dull to me. When I want to highlight I want to pop, and unfortunately, this one didn’t pop for me.

Overall, I would say I would say that this was not a disappointing trial. If I didn’t get sick right after trying these products, only once, I would have added some pictures of it in the post. Thank you for reading along loves, and I hope that this review helps you the next time you want to try a new foundation. I can’t wait to be not sick too so I can use the heck out of them!

Written by Bia

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